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into + review: Hard Boiled (1993)

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"Hard Boiled" (1993)
Written by Frank Miller and art by Geof Darrow

Rating: M for everything. violence, nudity, sex, swearing. it's all there.

Frank Miller's very loose interpretation of Philip K. Dick's Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep, Hard Boiled collects the three issue mini-series published by Dark Horse comics in a larger-than-normal format TPB. The larger pages let you better appreciate Geof Darrow's impossibly detailed art work.

The somewhat sparse plot concerns a tax collector named Nixon who finds out he's really a robot, and goes out for answers/revenge. The story itself takes a back-seat to Darrow's breath taking artwork and gory splash pages. Half of the fun in reading this book is just staring at the artwork, going over every page to absorb all the detail. Backdrops, cars, weapons, characters; everything is insanely detailed and unique. In all honesty, I bought this TPB because of the art.

One thing to note is most of the blood is painted black, probably to tone down the unflinching violence. People aren't just shot, Nixon serves limbs, blows immense holes in people, and even stabs a man with his own severed arm.

It's kind of hard to review a book with such a scant plot :D Trust me, it's good. Geof Darrow is a man of unparalleled talent. Some other Darrow books worth looking at are Shaolin Cowboy currently being printed by Burly Man Entertainment, and Big Guy and Rusty, also with writting from Frank Miller.


first review, be nice


I had not heard of this series. How embarassing for me.
at time of publication, it was prob'ly one of the most violent comic books ever made.
Sounds like it.

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