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Gas Mask B&W

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"300" (1998)
Rated M for loads of violence and an unusually high amount of naked Greeks.

Writing and art by Frank Miller, painting by Lynn Varley

480 BC: Xerex, the "God-King" of Persia, is marching the arms of all Asia into Greece. His armies drink the rivers dry and make the Earth herself shake with each step. One man will stand against the tide, King Leonidas of Sparta and his 300 Spartan warriors.

Our return upon it.

300 is Frank Miller's retelling of the ancient Battle of Thermopylae, where King Leonidas fought the Persian army to the last man.

Originally printed by Dark Horse, the entire mini-series was persented in slash pages, as such, the TPB is issued in hardcover "double-wide" format; this is the wide-screen of comic books, peope. What better way to appreciate the amazing artwork from Miller and Varley's brilliant color. This is the kind of book you would leave on your coffee table so others can admire and feel jealous.

300 is a story of honor, bravery, duty, and the ultimate sacrifice. With only 300 Spartans and a tiny army of citizen-soldiers from around Greece, Leonidas was the first defense against the armies of all of Persia, and his actions inspired all of Greece to fight back against the Persians.

Miller's 300, while not a completely faithful retelling of history, it is still close enough to be truely enjoyed by even history buffs. Miller manages to capture the Spartan spirit and way of life and death in this book.

Look out in 2007, there's a movie adaptation of 300 coming to the big screen.

Go tell the Spartans, passerby:
That here, by Spartan law, we lie.


I've always wanted to read this, but it has always been just a little out of my price range.

Thanks for the review, though. I may have to just bite the bullet and get it anyway.
it's pretty cheap on Amazon.com or .ca

I got it for $25ish CDN, almost 50% below cover price.

November 2007

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