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I created this community in the hopes of making a place with some unbiased reviews of some of the older and newer comics/graphic novels available today.

I became insterested in graphic novels/comics recently while working at my local library. Manga is very hot in the teen world right now, but I started to wonder what was out there for adults. What was out there that was more than just the classic superheroes? Then, with the announcement of the 'Wonder Woman' film and the release of 'Batman Begins' and the upcoming 'Superman Returns', I wanted to know which superhero comics were the best. So I started to ask around and do a little investigating, and let me tell you, it wasn't as easy as I had hoped to find simple reviews of whats available. So many times it seemed the place I was finding articles about comics were places associated with publishers or distributers that might have had, shall we say, alternative agendas.

The reviewers here just like to read comics and have respect for it as entertainment AND as an artform.

Introduction post - New Reviewers, please post a little bit about yourself here! New member? Stop by and say hello! Want to help with reviews? Post a note here!

You must be a member to post, but please only post reviews, save discussion for the review posts.

NO SPOILERS! Remember, we want to encourage people to read the comics, we don't want to give everything away. Please keep spoilers to a minimum (this applies to icons too).